The Great Tile Fundraiser


  • Fun program that raises a lot of money for your school and looks great!

  • PYOP sells tiles to your organization at a reduced price.
  • You sell the tiles to your school parents, friends and families at an increased price.
  • Order a tile fundraising kit from us. We will  pack a kit for you containing everything needed
  •  for your fundraising project (tiles, paint, brushes,palettes.).

  • If you are local and order more than 50 tiles we can come to your location and assist you with your fundraiser!
  • We charge $8 - $9 per tile depending on size.  This price includes tile, paint kit, glaze and firing. Shipping on nationwide orders will be additional. 
  • You organization then sells the tiles for whatever you wish a organization keeps the difference!  Tiles are usually sold for $20 -  $35 each.
  • Plan a painting day at your location
  • You will need to provide tables and chairs
  • Return tiles to us for a clear glaze and firing.
  • We deliver a finished product back to you for installation. Tiles may be installed on any wall surface, both interior and exterior,
  •  for a beautiful display of support! 
  • Your tile contractor installs the tiles on a wall at your facility. 
  • With a tile wall fund-raiser kids and parents can paint ceramic tiles together that become a permanent part of their      location. Very memorable event.
  • The tile wall tells the story of the families  participating and it communicates the life and vitality of your school.
  • We offer 2 sizes : 4 x 4"   or    6 x 6"
  • Your cost $8      - $9                               
  • Suggested selling      Price $15 -      $30           
  • Your Profit $8 - $21 per tile                            

Profit Examples:  

  • Sell 100 -  6x6 tiles  to create a small 5'x5' wall.  Your profit would be $1,600 - $2,600
  • Sell 450 - 4x4 tiles to      create a 5'x10' wall or two 5'x5' walls. Your profit would be $5400 -  $13,500

These are only examples.  Profits will be different based on your selling price and how you choose to structure your fundraiser. Call us to talk about this great fundraising idea which will be a permanent reminder of what you can accomplish.           

Files coming soon.


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