Tired of the same old fundraising ideas? PYPOP provides a unique, creative and interactive opportunity to raise funds and bring your community together. Families, friends and others can participate in a variety of projects that will not only achieve your fundraising goal quickly but also beautify your campus, office, playground or place of worship.

20% Give Back Events

Our 20% Give Back Events are the perfect way to bring  a group together and raise funds for your organization. It’s simple, just fill out the 20% Give Back Request Form to book your event organize a paint night at your location, and we’ll send you a cheque for 20% of your group’s purchases. Everyone will have a great time painting, being creative and interacting with each other PLUS your organization will benefit from the dollars raised. We think it puts the FUN in fundraising! (Must be a non-profit organization with a valid tax id number)

Tile Walls

Tile Walls make fabulous public art projects for your facility. PYOP will sell you the tiles, paint, glazing and firing at a discounted price and you can sell them to donors or painters at a mark up of your choice.  Contact your local studio for more information.

We will be glad to participate with your event.


Size             Your cost                   Markup              Profit


4”   tiles  $6.50 plus   tax            $15                $8.50


6”   tiles  $8.50   plus tax            $20               $11.50