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Hi Susan,

Thank you for helping me put an amazing Birthday party together for my daughter. 

I really liked how you brought all the things needed to make it happen, from table covers and paint/brushes, along with several choices of bisques to choose to paint from; so, the girls and boy were all happy.  Your cheerful attitude and helpful tips on how to paint or use the sponges made it all the more fun, allowing the children to create something truly unique and awesome. And best of all, you came to my house, took all the mess with you when you left, and delivered the finished glazed pottery within a week right to my house.  Now that is what I call door to door service!

I have received compliments from the moms of the children whom have attended, as the children had so much fun.  I just want you to know how much I appreciate your creative talents and energy.

Thanks again.


P.S.  The children still think it was funny to have 3 Susan’s.

 Hi Susan,

I wanted to thank you for a very successful pottery party that you did for my 11 year old daughter and her 9 friends. It was the most quietest time I had enjoyed that evening. The kids had a great time painting and they all turned out great! I would definitely recommend you and I would have you do another party for me anytime. Both you and your husband were prompt, professional and awesome with the kids. 

Thank you again,

Nelia and Luigi B.

 My testimonial:
  Susan was welcoming and informational towards us all. We had a fun afternoon painting pottery and learning about the process of firing pottery in the kiln. Great birthday idea! Well worth the money.
Amy Boffa